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1:1 Copy Jordan shoes, a "monster" that can't be killed

2021-05-31 SNEAKERS MEN
In the global sneaker market and in the hearts of any sneaker fan, there is a lingering gloomy place: Putian. 1:1 Copy Jordan is always on the cusp of the news, with constant news. First, in 2007, New York police seized 300,000 pairs of f
In the global sneaker market and in the hearts of any sneaker fan, there is a lingering gloomy place: Putian. 1:1 Copy Jordan is always on the cusp of the news, with constant news.
First, in 2007, New York police seized 300,000 pairs of fake shoes from China. A reporter from the "New York Times" made a special trip to Putian to investigate and report. Putian fake shoes spread throughout the United States.
Later, in 2018, when NBA star Nick Yang came to Shanghai to promote his brand, he was "conquered" by the dazzling array of "fake Yeezy" innovative color schemes. The star also posted a special Twitter, "I don't care if these shoes are real or fake. , As long as it has my size, I will buy it!" The netizen also gave the superstar player "Putian" by the way.
Although 1:1 Copy Jordan is famous, it is not a good reputation. On May 15, Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration for Market Regulation, stated that infringement and counterfeiting cause harm to the economy, society, culture, and ecology. The Chinese government has a clear and firm position on cracking down on infringement and counterfeiting.
However, the vitality of 1:1 Copy Jordan is very tenacious. Under high pressure, it still survives tenaciously, and has even developed a group of "loyal" users.
The moon is dark and the wind is high at night
At 11 o'clock at night, Zhao Ming (pseudonym) of Putian started a busy day. Because he is in the high imitation shoe business in Putian, his biological clock is opposite to that of ordinary people. When replying to our reporter's message, it was already past 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and he said he just woke up. Several appointments were made because of his busy work. Talking about his 1:1 Copy Jordan business, Mr. Zhao Ming cautiously said, “Once checked, his family will be gone.” He told reporters that June and July were the peak of the investigation. I am afraid to say too much. In the future, 1:1 Copy Jordan will be checked more strictly, "The more exposure, the more disadvantaged it is for us".
In recent years, as relevant departments have stepped up efforts to rectify counterfeit shoes, shoe vendors can only work at night and sleep during the day. Putian's largest imitation shoe trading market is located in Anfu Electric Mall in Chengxiang District. Here, during the day, the gates are locked, the voices of people in the middle of the night, cars coming and going, yelling, packing... Shoe dealers pack packages one by one, and couriers shuttle between shops and place these labels. There are counterfeit shoes with logos of major brands of shoes sent to all parts of the country.
In an interview, Zhao Minggang worked all night, and he now sells mainly through e-commerce platforms. He introduced that the shoes he made are high-end limited editions. Although the name sounds good, the shoes are still imitation shoes.
A netizen who claimed to have been making shoes in Putian for 3 years posted a post saying that Putian has three foundries dedicated to Nike, namely Xiefeng, Xinlifeng, and Xiefeng. These three foundries have been manufacturing shoes for Nike since the 1990s and have already mastered the core technology of the sports brand Nike, making it easy to make shoes.
Speaking of technology, 1:1 Copy Jordan has already overcome all the problems, regardless of the Boost outsole and Pimeknit shoe body, all are fine, plus the fine stitching, it is difficult to distinguish true from false.
On the market, 1:1 Copy Jordan has about 5 grades of goods, which are counter company goods, factory goods, original single-end orders, cut shoes (original assembled shoes), and fakes. After the rise of sneaker trading platforms such as "poison" and "get", 1:1 Copy Jordan also specially launched the "over-poison version", that is, shoes that can be identified by professional sneaker platforms are almost the same as real shoes.
Yang Kang has been in the footwear business since 2009. There are also several friends in his circle of friends who do 1:1 Copy Jordan, and he is also impressed by the mutual reports between shoe vendors. He has personally experienced the business owner next door because of doing 1:1 Copy Jordan. 1:1 Copy Jordan was fined more than two million yuan after being reported and served 1 year in jail. "I was reported by my peers, and after the relevant departments have found out everything about their store, they will be taken away directly." This is what Zhao Ming said, "without a family background."
There are always a small number of people who have been reported. Those friends of Yang Kang have achieved financial freedom by selling 1:1 Copy Jordan. It can be seen that the high profits of 1:1 Copy Jordan still make many people take risks. Therefore, the 1:1 Copy Jordan market is still full of allure.
However, the 1:1 Copy Jordan bosses in recent years must always be nervous, "Now they are very strict, and it can be said that they are scared every day. I go to a warehouse and wait for my eyes to grow behind my back." Several Putian friends will say Yang Kang complained that he can only be cautious when dealing with people and things outside, because he is afraid of offending people and being reported, and the warehouse where the shoes are put is a secret base. “As long as someone knows the location, they will definitely change the warehouse in a few days, which is very hidden.” Yang Kang told Our reporter.
Zhao Ming vividly expressed the "carefulness" in Yang Kang's mouth. Regarding the source of goods, sales channels, etc., he is not willing to go into details. He only emphasizes that if it is too much, it will cause the concern of the relevant departments. He is worried that he will be investigated more strictly in the future.
Sample shoes thrown from the foundry
Putian City is located in the central part of the coast of Fujian, and is known as the "Seaside Zou Lu" and the "Famous State of Literature". But now, "shoes" has become one of its pronouns, and unfriendly people may add the prefix "fake shoes".
As one of the pillar industries in Fujian Province, the 1:1 Copy Jordan industry has a huge scale, and it has become the "shoe capital" because of its geographical advantage-its proximity to Taiwan. In the 1980s, Putian attracted the first batch of Taiwanese businessmen to set up shoe factories. At that time, they mainly made OEMs for many domestic and foreign brands such as Nike. However, the reputation of 1:1 Copy Jordan still stems from the high imitation of brand-name sports shoes. There is a widely circulated saying that about one-third of the global Nike shoes are 1:1 Copy Jordan.
Dissatisfied with the low profit of OEM, Putian high imitation shoes came into being in the 1990s. Bribery of foundry workers, smuggling of model shoes and design drawings, etc. were everywhere at the time. There were even reports that at that time, foundry workers threw sample shoes directly outside the factory.
"Now Nike, Adidas, etc. are all Putian OEMs. In recent years, the number of OEM orders for internationally well-known brands is not less but more. Everyone (all said) Putian people are very serious and very exquisite. This industry is even more so. Over the past 30 years, a large number of excellent and skilled craftsmen have been trained." Putian Mayor Li Jianhui said in an interview with the media.
In 2017, the Putian Municipal Government proposed several measures to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the footwear industry, and severely crack down on illegal activities such as infringement, production and sales of counterfeiting. "In the past few years, we have been severely cracking down on them, and comprehensive measures have been taken to guide them to transform and upgrade." Li Jianhui hopes to build his own brand with the good technology and quality of the 1:1 Copy Jordan industry.
The article "Study on the Export Transformation and Upgrade Strategy of Fujian 1:1 Copy Jordan Industry" published by Chen Ning and other authors from the Department of Economics and Trade of Fuzhou University of Foreign Languages ​​and Trade stated that 1:1 Copy Jordan had lost its cost advantage at the time, counterfeit and inferior products prevailed. One of the transformation suggestions he put forward in the article is the creation of Putian’s own brand.
In the early years, like Putian, Jinjiang, Fujian was also a famous place for the production and sales of fake shoes. However, in the 1990s, Jinjiang shoe companies invested heavily in "branding", and now they have "Anta", "Xtep" and so on. Many independent brands, compared with Putian, they are still "boiling their own'fake shoes' in warm water".
However, it is not easy to make an independent brand. Since self-designing shoes often takes a long time, and the styles developed are limited, it cannot withstand the loss caused by not selling well. The bigger obstacle comes from reality. At present, most 1:1 Copy Jordan vendors still choose to start late at night and continue to sell their imitation shoes.
You might wear a pair of 1:1 Copy Jordan
Today, 1:1 Copy Jordan merchants are not only active offline, but platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, and Douyin have become their broader world. On these platforms, just enter the keyword "1:1 Copy Jordan", and all kinds of advertisements will be flooded.
In all kinds of copywriting and videos, shoe manufacturers introduced the difference between currency, super A, real standard and other imitation shoes. The output of advertisements on various platforms also means that 1:1 Copy Jordan has penetrated into the national shoe market. . Perhaps, if you don't want to wear 1:1 Copy Jordan, you will accidentally buy a pair of 1:1 Copy Jordan from the purchasing agent.
Yang Kang told our reporter that the 1:1 Copy Jordan merchants he knows are now selling shoes on Pinduoduo, Xianyu, Weibo, WeChat, and Douyin, and WeChat is the most popular sales method in all regions of the country. There are distributors of 1:1 Copy Jordan. "Through the distribution of distributors, the country has basically penetrated, so it is easy to encounter Putian's high imitation shoes in life." Yang Kang emphasized that the craftsmanship of 1:1 Copy Jordan is too great. Strong, many times it is difficult for the public to distinguish.
The public chooses Taobao the most instead of 1:1 Copy Jordan’s hardest hit area. Taobao has already issued a “blocking order” to 1:1 Copy Jordan merchants. Shoe merchants have moved their positions to Pinduoduo and Xianyu. “Taobao directly caught If it arrives, the shop will be permanently closed, and Xianyu can now sell second-hand goods. In addition, Guangzhou Railway Station is also a good place, and some black brothers often take these 1:1 Copy Jordans back to their countries to sell."
Li Hong (pseudonym) has just become a WeChat agent of 1:1 Copy Jordan. Like other WeChat business platforms, after paying the agency fee, she started to swipe the screen. She constantly pushes imitation shoes of major sports brands, high-definition There are no defects in the shoes in the picture, and the price is generally several hundred cheaper than specialty stores. Li Hong and his online agents have no inventory in their hands. This has become a common state for 1:1 Copy Jordan agents, who have a unified source of shipment.
If you want to avoid 1:1 Copy Jordan through overseas purchasing channels, you may not be able to succeed. A shoe dealer said that he thinks that Putian's high-grade goods are no different from counters, and most consumers will not be able to distinguish between true and false, and overseas purchasing agents are also difficult to distinguish between true and false. According to the shoe company, the shoe company can change the logistics information sent from Putian to the logistics information sent from Hong Kong and other places. When buyers check international logistics, it will show that they are sent from Hong Kong and other places, and then go around in the mainland for ten days. Was signed.
Yang Kang also told our reporter that there are indeed some purchasing agents who take shoes from Putian and sell them as authentic shoes. "The price is not much different from the specialty store. Some even actually send the goods to Hong Kong first, and then send them from there. Back to the client's hands."
Even if the goods are sent back from abroad, they may not be able to escape the 1:1 Copy Jordan, because some foreigners will buy from Putian, place orders directly at the factory, and ship tens of thousands of pairs of orders back to their country at a time, so foreign 1:1: 1 Copy Jordan is also very much.
There are also many people who no longer struggle and specialize in 1:1 Copy Jordan. There is a special post on Zhihu that teaches "How to buy high-quality 1:1 Copy Jordan". In this way, 1:1 Copy Jordan seems to have grown into a "monster" that can't be killed. In the end, will this "monster" go the right way?
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